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Building Sustainable Future Industry

Building Sustainable Future Industry

CLG Technology


The pursuit of “building a sustainable future” has become not just a human needs, but rather a human rights … Just as the pursuit of the goal of social justice is not actually expressing the aspirations of generations, whether present or future generations

… where we must transform from mere pursuit to Achieving that goal … “social justice” … which is a one-dimensional goal that seeks to achieve the same goal … but as a three-dimensional goal … I …mean…

We must strive to achieve justice in its comprehensive sense … where we must strive to achieve social justice, environmental justice and economic justice alike.




Sustainability … is a concept called the biological environment, the variety of living organisms, and the natural factors that maintain their existence for the longest possible period of time,
Sustainability … is also known as preserving the quality of life by adapting to the environment by exploiting natural resources for the longest period of time. It could lead to the preservation of the continuation of life … for all living beings in peace,



… Definition of sustainability (in general)

Sustainability can be defined in general as a set of vital processes that provide means of life for organisms of all kinds, which helps them to preserve the succession of their generations, and to develop the means of their growth over time.

It can also be said that the principle of sustainability is based on meeting the rights of present generations without hindering meeting the needs of future generations …
And their ambitions, too.



… Main axes of sustainability


The sustainability strategy depends on four main axes, which can be defined as follows: First, the economic axis, second the environmental axis, third, the society axis, and finally the cultural axis …
and the focus will be on the economic axis and its factors given the objective of article ..



Initially, economics can be defined as a social field that focuses on material practices associated with the production, use and management of resources.

Where we can identify the most important elements affecting the economic axis to …

(1) Production and resources,
(2) Exchange and transfer ,
(3) Accounting and regulation,،
(4) Consumption and use,
(5) Work and luxury,
(6)Technology and infrastructure,
(7) Wealth and distribution,

Where through good management of these seven elements with a commitment to permanent development and modernization of them … the best application to achieve the goals of building a sustainable industrial and economic future.



… Definition of sustainable industry (in particular)

A sustainable industry … is the industry capable of producing goods or services in a way that meets the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The advantages of sustainable industry can be illustrated through: It is an economically viable industry where (natural, financial and human capital is used to create added value, wealth and profits).

Based on the foregoing, the focus will be on Element No. (6), specifically … the technology element … which is the subject of the essay series.



…The Begin

Earth 4 Spheres

Earth sciences include four main branches of study, which are (Lithosphere), (Hydrosphere), (Atmosphere) and finally (Biosphere),
each of which is divided into more specialized fields. It can be said that this division .. It is considered a fundamental division that helps in determining the sustainable industry requirements.



Now … the Sustainable Technology or



CLG Technology

(Clean – Lean – Green)



Three main acting axes can be identified through which the general shape of the concept of sustainable technology can be defined … and how to define the objectives of dealing with the four divisions of the earth.



1st Acting Axis, The Clean Process, and the 3 Zeros rule

This axis is considered one of the most important axes for achieving sustainable industry and is measured by the technological ability to achieve the goals of (zero emission), (zero discharge), (zero waste)
And the extent of preserving the aforementioned four earth covers without the slightest pollution or conflict with the needs of all living organisms.




2nd Acting Axis, Lean Production

This axis relies on developing a methodology to reduce production cost, avoid overproduction and strive to increase productivity, as well as implement a comprehensive quality management.


3rd Acting Axis, Green Product and the 4Rs rule

This axis is considered one of the most important axes in the shift from linear economics to a circular economy where the concepts of input (reduction), (reuse), and maximizing the recycle percentage are applied to obtain the green product … in addition to The possibility of (recovery), whether for materials or energy

At the end of the article, I would like to point out that… the determining of the starting point … to build a truly sustainable future … it is required to changing many of our cultures …
… thanks and meet you in the next article



Eng. Dr. H. Saad Elsherbeny