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Steel Industry Programs

Course Name No.
Management of Scrap for Steel Industries 1
Air separation unit in steel industry operation and maintenance. 2
Principles of heat treatment of carbon steel. 3
Continuous casting technology : Billet – slab caster. 4
Clean steel production technology. 5
Thin slap casting technology. 6
Water cooling and drainage system for steel industry. 7
Steel making technology with reference to E.A.F 8
Direct Reduction technology 9
Secondary steel making – ladle treatment and its quality control. 10
New trends in rolling steel bars and its quality control 11
Rolling technology & Roll pass Design. 12
Rolling technology of sections. 13
Reheating furnaces for steel billets used in hot rolling its operation & maintenance. 14
Hot strip mill technology. 15
Non Destructive tests for defects of steel making & casting. 16