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Rolling Technology & Roll Pass Design


Rolling is an industrial process that is one of the ways of forming metals. Its idea is to pass cold or hot metal through heavy, high hardness cylindrical objects (called rollers) in order to reduce sheet thickness or rod diameter.


Program contents:


  • Continuous casting products and quality.
  • Reheating-furnaces working regime and relative defects.
  • Direct rolling.
  • Hot rolling of steel shapes.
  • Study of deformation zone.
  • Rolling line and neutral line.
  • Friction force and biting criteria.
  • Forward and backward slip.
  • Breakdown-pass series.
  • Box-pass rolling sequence.
  • Round-oval-round rolling sequence.
  • Squares and flats finishing passes.
  • Reduction conditions followed in a breakdown-pass sequence.
  • Roll selection and roll consumption evaluation.
  • Slit rolling.
  • Rolling relevant defects and correcting measures.
  • Cooling, straightening, cutting, and stacking of rolled products.
  • Rolling operation overall efficiency.