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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a digital computer used to automate electromechanical processes.The PLC is different from the PC in its focus on managing logical Input / Output, analog measurement and control, thanks to different Input / Output units. PLC modules are more important and completely different from PC modules.

Program contents:

·         Introduction to PLC·       

  The importance of PLC in the Automation process·       

  Review of PLC S7·      

   Hard ware PLC S7·        

Soft ware PLC S7·        

Types of S7 (200-300-400)·     

    Analog – Digital system·        

Practical training on PLC S7 200-300-400·      

   Identify the program and its primary keys.·       

  Training in downloading and researching the program.·     

    Training program work by participants.·     

    How to create automated control systems.·      

   Establishing automated control systems using PLC.·    

     Practical training on the establishment of control systems by participants.·       

  Questions and open discussions.

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