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  • AISU has prepared a series of studies related to the iron and steel industry during the past many years in Arab countries, whether these studies are contractual or non-contractual and the most important of those studies:
  • Feasibility study of setting up “Cast iron roller” project to serve the Arab steel mills.
  • Feasibility study of establishment “granite poles” project for electric smelting mills.
  • Study of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and their found places in the Arab countries and its production capacities.
  • Study of the expectations for the volume of steel demand in the Arab countries.
  • study of manufacture of spare parts and heat treatment its available capacities and products quality in the Arab countries.
  • study of pelletizing  5 million tons iron ore for use in direct reduction plants in Mauritania.
  • Study of establishment an Arab training center to promote capabilities of engineers and technicians for the steel factories.
  • study of different technologies of steel production and the advantages its applications.

AISU provides all its capabilities to prepare any future studies required by AISU members. AISU co-operates with highly qualified technical experts from universities, research institutes and steel industries with the experts of Arab Iron and Steel Union.


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