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Human resources are the creative energy in the Arab steel industry that is capable of developing the industry. It is natural that it needs continuous training to improve its skills.

since its establishment The union has realized that the introduction of advanced technologies in most of Arab steel companies and the application of the latest international systems need to increase the efficiency of workers in this field  in continuasly.

Therefore, the Union is interested in the field of human resource development and rehabilitation and AISU has submitted studies in this field which was aimed to limit the training centers in the Arab steel companies and the possibilities available in each center and field of specialization for these centers

AISU has prepared a plan of training programs in each specialty to serve the iron and steel industry and its associated industries.

AISU has played a distinguished role over the past several years in the preparation of a range of training programs In all fields of iron and steel industry for engineers, technicians, administrators and employees in felids Production, maintenance, organization, planning, management, occupational health and safety and industrial security.  Which served thousands of employees in the Arab steel companies.