Arab Steel Summit
Arab Steel Summit

Chairman’s Speech

Arab Iron and Steel Union is the umbrella that protects all its members, and we know how important its role was in the last stage and its ability to develop the Arab steel industry in the next stage.

To keep this industry, its global presence, its competitive appearance, it is not enough to use financial investments in establishing new facilities or expanding the existing ones, but in priority, we need investments in technological development field and follow-up this industry news at the global level.

The future of Arab iron and steel industry development is related not only to its ability to import new factories and technologies, but it is more related to the companies’ contribution to develop these technologies as well as the manufacture of its necessary equipment.

All the progress achieved in the steel industry at the global level, whether in the production development, cost reduction or the finding of new manufacturing methods, has been achieved through studies that need close cooperation between the producing companies and the specialized organization.


Entering the stage of design, production and development has now become the distinguishing feature of every advanced industrial society. Hence, the right start is to deal with advanced technologies not in the concept of transportation, but in the concept of innovation, design and manufacture.

Awwad Al-Khaldi

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