Secretary General’s Speech

There is no doubt that the Arab Iron and Steel Union since its establishment in 1971 has been playing a major role in the development of the Arab iron and steel industry, And has had a great effect in strengthening cooperation and integration among Arab companies. Now AISU has enough expertise and experience, allowing the provision of solutions to challenges which impose themselves upon Arab Iron and Steel industry with its wide abilities to diversify its activities and act with effectiveness to meet its goals.
Today, we live in a world where its territoriality has become open not only geographically, but technologically ,which imposes us to be more open and cooperative to face these challenges which hinder this industry from growing, as much as we intensify discussions whether through meetings and conferences or through transferring the new technologies through training programs as we have contributed to exchange information and transfer this knowledge and provide solutions to develop this industry.
As we live in an age of globalization and trade freedom, which requires us to support the local industry in order to be more able to compete and that through finding the right atmosphere to increase investment and prepare a comfortable platform to investors, and to take all procedures to protect our products from dumping and unfair competitions.
Future prospects are limitless, and it is of no doubt that , AISU owns a wide range of keys to succeed in the future, as we have the willingness to follow the steps of those Arab leaders who established solid foundations 40 years ago.

Kamel Djoudi

Secretary General