General Programs

  No.  Course Name 17  Industrial safety and accident prevention. 18  Engineering drawing and measurement tools for technicians. 19  Safety of  lifting operation in industry. 20  Spare parts manufacture and its heat treatment technology. 21  Production and quality management systems and environmental monitoring 22  Management systems and performance evaluation for maintenance processes. 23  Production planning …

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Management of oil systems in iron and steel companies

Introduction: With industrial developments, the task of oils is no longer confined to reducing friction and reducing the temperature resulting from friction. Rather, it transcends it to new tasks to meet precise and vital requirements such as transferring impurities, protecting equipment from rust and reducing the sounds of moving parts. Therefore, oils varied according to …

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Programmable Logic Controller PLC S7

Introduction: Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) belong to the computer family and are a microprocessor used to control various processes such as controlling machines and controlling various industrial processes.These controllers have the ability to store instructions to perform various control functions such as data processing, timing, counting, displacement, equipment communication and control. Course target: Developing the …

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