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Cosider starts manufacturing ductile iron pipes in Algeria

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Cosider starts manufacturing ductile iron pipes in Algeria



ALGIERS- Algerian group Cosider and Turkish company Samsun Makina Sanayi signed on Saturday in Algiers, an €80 million deal on the construction of a ductile iron pipe manufacturing plant in the industrial area of Sidi Khettab (Relizane).



The agreement was signed by the Director-General of the Kosidar Complex, Lakhdar Rakhroukh and the Managing Director of the Turkish company Yousuf Anan Yusal, in the presence of Finance Minister Hussein Nassib, Industry and Mines, Yousuf Yousfi.



The production capacity of the plant is estimated at 100,000 tons annually – which takes 18 months to complete. This amount of production allows for national market needs and export orientation to foreign markets.



The Algerian-Turkish partnership was implemented in accordance with the legislation in force concerning the management of foreign investments in Algeria. The branch of the Kosidar complex, which specializes in construction, public works and irrigation, was 51% and the Turkish company 49%.



The plant will be built on an area of ​​33 hectares located in the industrial area of ​​Sidi Qatab, located in the state of Relizane (western Algeria).


The plant, which will allow the creation of 160 jobs, will be activated by two working groups, which are traded daily, depending on the work periods.



ductile iron pipes are made in only 13 countries in the world.

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