Arab Steel Summit
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Arab Steel Summit

Al-Ahram: The Steel Summit began with a minute of mourning and condemnation of the aggression and reveals the challenges of the steel industry and the decline in per capita consumption in the Arab world to 100 kg

Although its files or topics up for discussion do not intersect with politics, what is happening in the region in terms of the brutal aggression carried out by the occupation forces against Gaza has overshadowed the Steel Summit organized by the Arab Iron and Steel Union and which was launched today in Cairo with a large Arab and international presence that brings together senior experts, officials and industrialists in this matter. The vital sector of the Arab countries and a number of foreign countries, as the attendees wanted to have their message, and to have their position regarding the ongoing aggression, so the engineer Ahmed Ezz, Chairman of the Ezz Group, during his speech, invited the attendees to stand for a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs of Gaza, and then his speech came. To carry at its beginning a clear message from the conference condemning the brutal aggression taking place, as he said: We cannot begin without sending a strong message against the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and the illegal measures it is taking against this defenseless people.

Ezz: Egypt is witnessing an unprecedented development renaissance that is reflected in the development of the steel industry

In his speech, Ezz then moved to the topic of the conference; In his speech, he reviewed the history of the steel industry in Egypt, with the establishment of the first company in 1936, followed by other companies in 1947, after which the establishment of the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company, which is the mother company, and after that the establishment of a group of companies for the private sector, and he said that the production capacity today amounts to 17 million tons. This is a size that is eligible to increase in the coming years in light of the significant development the industry is witnessing

Ezz reviewed the development of the steel industry in some Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Morocco, noting that the average per capita consumption of steel is 110 kilograms of steel in the Arab countries compared to 450 kilograms in the world, and the production of the Arab world still represents only 2 percent. Pointing out that these numbers indicate the necessity of developing and increasing production due to the presence of this large market.
He stressed that the future is promising for the steel industry, especially in Egypt, given the country’s major development renaissance, accompanied by an abundance of energy and deep berths in ports, in addition to the availability of attached lands, all of which are attractive factors for industrial investment.

He concluded his speech by praising the Arab Steel Union for its great success capabilities that allowed it to play a major role in serving the iron and steel industry and even Arab economic cooperation, stressing the importance of cooperation between Arab economies in facing challenges.


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