Arab Steel Summit
Arab Steel Summit

AISU Objectives

AISU aims to support and assist its members through:

1 – Working on cooperation, coordination and integration in the fields of the iron and steel industry in the Arab world.
2 – Activate and strengthen cooperation, acquaintance and exchanges among its members in various fields.
3 – Providing member companies and institutions with technical, economic and commercial information related to the iron and steel industry.
4 – Assisting member companies in the development and development of functional cadres.
5 – Assisting in the development of vocational and technical training for workers in the iron and steel industry, by organizing training courses, meetings and conferences.
6 – Assisting members to solve their problems that fall within its specializations when asked to do so.
7- Practicing arbitration between members or non-members in matters that fall within its competences when requested to do so.
8 – Carrying out technical and economic studies to develop the iron and steel industry independently or in cooperation with other parties.
9 – Cooperation with similar regional and foreign unions, scientific societies and Arab organizations.
Where cooperation between AISU and regional and international unions is one of the most important objectives of the federation since its establishment, including:

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