Arab Steel Summit

Alakria : Egypt hosts the 16th Arab Steel Summit

Egypt is currently hosting the 16th Arab Steel Summit, held over two days to discuss the strengthening of the steel industry. The activities of this edition witness many sessions on the future of the steel industry in the Middle East, in the presence of Dr. Kamel Djoudi, Secretary General of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, and Awwad Al-Khalidi, Chairman of the Union’s Board of Directors. Arab Iron and Steel, Engineer Ahmed Ezz, Chairman and Founder of Ezz Steel Group, and Ambassador Mohamed El-Ni, Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity.

The conference began with a working paper on the steel industry in the Arab region in the first session, which discussed the iron and steel industry markets in the Arab region.

The second session was also discussed, entitled “A Workshop for Technologists in the Iron and Steel Industry” (SMS Danieli), in addition to the third session, entitled “Successful Arab Experiences in Green Steel Production.”