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Türkiye’s steel exports to GCC decline in December 2023

In December 2023, Turkey’s steel exports to the Gulf region saw a 6% decline compared to the previous month, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK). Total steel exports for December amounted to 11,710 tons, compared to exports of 12,467 tons in November.

The value of exports decreased by 4%, reaching US$9.1 million.

Turkey’s steel exports to UAE, which mainly consist of sections, rose to 5,709 tons, with a 22% increase in the value of exports to reach US$4.58 million. The volume of exports to the UAE reached 64,538 tons in 2023.

Exports to Saudi Arabia in December decreased by 33.4%, reaching 3,128 tons, with a decrease in the value of exports by 32%, reaching $2.4 million. The volume of exports to Saudi Arabia reached 55,757 tons in 2023.

Qatar witnessed a 25% decrease in steel imports during the month of December, reaching 838 tons, with an import value of $636,677. The volume of exports to Qatar reached 9,525 tons in 2023.

Turkish steel exports to Kuwait decreased by 21% to reach 1,344 tons compared to the previous month, with Kuwait’s total imports of Turkish steel in 2023 reaching 8,913 tons.

In December, exports to Oman rose to 535 tons, compared to 80 tons in the previous month, and Oman’s total steel imports from Turkey reached 4,334 tons in 2023.

Bahrain’s imports reached 155 tons, compared to 131 tons in November, reaching 1,469 tons in 2023.

In 2023, Turkish steel exports to GCC countries totaled 144,535 tons, with UAE remaining a key market, closely followed by Saudi Arabia.


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