Arab Steel Summit
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Arab Steel Summit

AIST MENA Steel Forum 6 – 7 June 2023

Within the framework of the objectives of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, to cooperate with scientific unions and societies, and similar Arab and foreign organizations, it was agreed between the AISU and the Association of Iron and Steel Technology AIST MENA on media participation between the two sides as a first step to expand the scope of cooperation between AISU and AIST.
In this matter, this was a special dialogue with the Director of Public Relations in the Middle East for the Association of Iron and Steel Technology AIST MENA, Eng. Adel Shawkat, about the importance of holding a conference on modern technology in the iron and steel industry in Cairo on the 6th and 7th of next June.

Engineer Adel Shawkat, Director of Public Relations in the Middle East of the Association, indicated that the participation of the Arab Iron and Steel Union through its news platform that covers all countries of the Arab world as a single Arab media partner, believing in its societal role to support industry in the Middle East region, is a first step to expand cooperation with AISU and AIST, which is a great addition to the conference and his keenness on the importance of this type of specialized conference.

Regarding the conference, Shawkat indicated that the conference will include multiple sessions over two days on a variety of topics related to the iron industry in Egypt and around the world, including contemporary technology in the steel industry and the difficulties faced by this important industry. Experts and specialists in the iron and steel industry from Egypt and around the world will also attend.

The conference will also cover how the steel industry is moving towards zero emissions, the future of green steel, and how electric arc furnace processes are developing, according to Engineer Adel Shawkat.

He stressed that one of the objectives of the conference is to enable the Middle East and North Africa region to benefit from its resources in order to pave the way for sustainable steel production through the development of advanced technologies that can significantly reduce carbon emissions during the steel-making process. . We’ll also look at the potential for hydrogen, hybrid technologies, and carbon capture.

According to Adel Shawkat, the conference sessions will also cover supply chain concerns, currency fluctuations, customs freezes, delays in product delivery, and many more situations in which we will learn about solutions to successfully deal with these economic obstacles.

He pointed out that there is a special session dedicated to exploring the latest applications of continuous casting technologies and learning how these innovations improve efficiency in steel production. He also mentioned how exciting technological developments have completely transformed the entire steelmaking process.


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