Arab Steel Summit
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Arab Steel Summit

Arab Iron and Steel Union participates in the meeting of the 115th regular session of the “Council of Arab Economic Unity

Arab Iron and Steel Union participated in the opening session, of the 115th regular session of the “Arab Economic Unity Council” at the ministerial level at the headquarters of the League of Arab States in Cairo. The Secretary-General of the Council, Ambassador Muhammadi Ahmed Al -Ni, confirmed, “The effort and joining everyone must be made towards achieving the joint Arab market to achieve food self–sufficiency.”

In his speech, Al-Ni explained, “the meeting comes after a series of global developments and changes that changed the world features, which requires that the Arab countries be an active and influential partner.” He said, “The capabilities and resources of the Arab countries are strengths that give hope to create a strong Arab economic bloc capable of competing and maneuver.”

The Secretary-General of the “Council of Economic Unity”, a council affiliated with the “League of Arab States”, pointed out that “the council made its efforts to return countries to its seat in the economic council, and push new countries to join”, explaining that “the current session is witnessing the return of Libya, Syria and the joining of Comoros.”

The opening words of the 115th session of the “Council of Arab Economic Unity” witnessed a welcome to the attendance of Syria’s return to occupy its seat with the “League of Arab States”, according to the decision of the Arab Foreign Ministers Council on May 7, after 12 years of suspension from its membership at the university, following the events of 2011.

The Secretary-General of the “Arab Economic Unity Council” indicated, “Despite the availability of all basic ingredients to establish Arab economic integration, the experience is still going in slow steps.” He said, “The General Secretariat of the Arab Economic Unity Council sets the final touches of a plan to enhance joint Arab action, which will be presented for the next session.”

In turn, the Somalia delegate to the “League of Arab States” and the head of the 115th session of the “Council of Arab Economic Unity”, Ambassador Elias Sheikh Omar Abu Bakr, pointed out that “the conflicts in the Arab region are pushing towards more chaos and economic destruction, which exacerbates the situation in the region, stressing the need to put an end to these conflicts for a better future. ” He pointed to “the influence of the Russian -Ukrainian war and climate changes on the situation in the country.”


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