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Arab Steel Summit

Arab Iron and Steel Union participates in the meeting of the 116th regular session of the Council of Arab Economic Unity

The meeting of the 116th regular session of the Council of Arab Economic Unity was held today at the ministerial level, with the participation of a number of representatives of Arab countries, the presence of representatives of specialized Arab federations, and the participation of the Arab Iron and Steel Union.

Ambassador Mohammadi Ahmed El-Ni, Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, confirmed during the opening session that the Palestinian people are being subjected to a bloody Israeli aggression as the world sees it, and there must be intervention for an immediate ceasefire and the entry of humanitarian, relief and medical aid quickly.

He said, “For more than 75 years, sister Palestine has been subjected to the most horrific occupation the world has ever known, and today it is difficult for us to describe what the Gaza Strip is witnessing in terms of mass massacres akin to genocide with all types of internationally prohibited weapons, and it is considered a humanitarian catastrophe to which the brotherly Palestinian people are exposed, represented by murder.” Targeted, systematic destruction, forced deportation, cutting off water, electricity, fuel, food, and medicine, and destroying homes, infrastructure, hospitals, mosques, churches, and economic establishments.

The State of Palestine chaired the meeting of the 116th regular session of the Economic Unity Council at the ministerial level.

The representative of the State of Palestine to the Arab League, Ambassador Muhannad Al-Aklouk, the “chairman of the meeting,” said that our council is meeting today in exceptional and even unprecedented circumstances that our region and the entire world are going through, as the crime of genocide continues for the 82nd consecutive day committed by Israel with all its hatred, evil, brutality and racism. And brutal force on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, with clear support and partnership from the United States of America, noting that there is a massacre every hour in which Israel eliminates entire Palestinian families, from grandparents to grandchildren.

Al-Aklouk stressed that the Israeli occupation overthrows all laws, values, morals and laws, including the laws of war established by international humanitarian law, represented in the four Geneva Conventions of 1949, by deliberately bombing residential neighborhoods, hospitals, mosques, churches, schools and universities, destroying all forms of life, and practicing Unprecedented brutality against civilians.

He said that the Economic Unity Council, as an institution for joint Arab action, carries within it a great goal, which is Arab unity, and it has a heavy burden to deal with the challenges arising from such Israeli aggression and the crushing crises that the Arab world is going through at the political, economic and social levels, and that the State of Palestine During her presidency of the current and upcoming sessions of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, she will seek, in cooperation with member states, the General Secretariat, Arab federations and companies under the umbrella of the Council, to make every sincere effort to preserve and develop the Council and improve its performance so that it becomes closer to achieving its goals.


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