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Arab Steel Summit

A memorandum of understanding for the export of iron products from the port of Sohar to the UAE markets through the UAE-Omani railway network

Oman and Etihad Rail signed a memorandum of understanding with Jindal Steel and Energy Company. With the aim of providing sustainable logistical solutions to transport up to 4 million tons annually of “Jindal” raw materials and products. From its industrial complex in the port of Sohar to the United Arab Emirates, via the Emirati-Omani railway network.

Under the MoU, Oman and Etihad Rail will support Jindal’s operations by facilitating loading and unloading and process integration. In addition to providing the requirements of the train fleet and stations of iron ore and steel.

Mohammed bin Zahran Al Mahrouqi, Executive Vice President of Oman and Etihad Rail, said: “The new partnership with the Jindal Shadeed Group is an affirmation of the company’s commitment to upgrading integrated logistics services to meet the future needs and expectations of its customers, by providing comprehensive solutions that contribute to advancing growth in the region.” Various industrial sectors in the Sultanate of Oman and the UAE.

The MoU will also enable Jindal to enhance the efficiency of its supply chain, benefiting from the sustainable, rapid and cost-effective services of the UAE-Omani railway network.”

For his part, Harsha Shetty, CEO of Jindal Shadeed, said that he is looking forward to increasing the spread of the company’s high-quality products.

Its ability to move nearly 4 million tons of material will greatly assist it in the company’s operations, as well as its ambitions to reduce its carbon footprint while continuing its journey as an environmentally conscious company.

It is noteworthy that Oman and Etihad Rail have entered into many commercial and investment partnerships with major international companies in various industrial and transformational sectors to open new horizons of economic cooperation. And to provide more innovative logistical solutions and facilities that will contribute to raising economic efficiency and raising opportunities for growth and sustainability for these companies.


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