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Arab Steel Summit

El Nasr Pipes adds a new production line for seamless pipes

The Minister of Public Business Sector, Dr. Mahmoud Esmat, toured the factories of El-Nasr Steel Pipe Manufacturing Company. Which included the three main sectors for the production of longitudinally and spirally welded pipes. The stages of the production process in each sector, and the extent of commitment to the availability of a sufficient stock of production requirements according to the operating plan. Commitment to implementing maintenance programs on schedule and reviewing the necessary spare parts.

Dr. Esmat reviewed the development plan of Al-Nasr Steel Pipes Company. Which includes adding a new production line for seamless pipes needed for strategic industries for the first time in cooperation with one of the international companies specialized in this industry. With the aim of transferring technology, localizing its industry, and opening markets for new products.

It is worth noting that Al-Nasr Steel Pipes Company is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in the field of manufacturing steel pipes since 1962. The company is distinguished by the production of longitudinally and spirally welded pipes in accordance with international specifications. Which are necessary for the purposes of transporting oil, gas, water and lighting poles, as well as the production of engineering sectors (square – rectangular). ) For use in various construction applications.


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