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An agreement between Emirates Steel Arkan and SAP to enhance efficiency and sustainability

Emirates Steel, Arkan, signed an agreement with the global technology giant, SAP, with the aim of bringing together its operations in a unified cloud solution for enterprise resource planning, and increasing the flexibility and sustainability of its supply chain.

Emirates Steel Arkan will adopt the “Rise with SAP” solution with the aim of transferring its basic and vital operations from the current enterprise resource planning system (SAP ERP) to the cloud platform (SAP S/4HANA), and ensuring that data is hosted within the country.

As a result, Emirates Steel Arkan will benefit from the integrated and simplified system, and will improve the ability to view and manage all aspects of operations, in addition to obtaining data and information about operations in real time.

The company will also use the S/4HANA Supply Chain Management solution to improve planning, monitor activities, and enhance performance and flexibility in all aspects of the supply chain.

Saeed Al Ghaferi, CEO of Emirates Steel, a subsidiary of Emirates Steel Arkan Group, said: “We have cooperated closely with SAP to ensure the completion of a comprehensive digital transformation process that achieves our goals, and extends from supporting our commitments to environmental sustainability and establishing a supply chain.” Flexible, all the way to adopting new technologies and employing them in innovation and setting new standards in our sector. In addition to standardizing and simplifying our procedures, the deployment of new solutions will ensure that we continue to provide the best services to our customers, employees and partners, and support these services with real-time data and information that will enable us to respond quickly, seize available opportunities and meet changing needs.”

Given the major challenges that supply chains around the world have faced during the past few years, it is important for Emirates Steel Arkan to ensure the flexibility of its supply chain in the face of challenges and its sustainability as much as possible. By adopting cloud computing and SAP Digital Supply Chain Management solutions, Emirates Steel Arkan will use an integrated supply chain model that helps eliminate fragmentation of operations, is able to anticipate downtime in operations, and contributes to the creation of customized loops. To provide work-related feedback, all of which are factors in improving performance. Thanks to this, the company can respond quickly to unexpected challenges, keep pace with changes in customer demand, and mitigate logistical risks in a proactive and sustainable manner.


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