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Emirates Steel Arkan cooperates with the Finnish Magsworthto Reduce CO2 emissions

Following COP28 commitment and contributing to the UAE First Long-Term Strategy (LTS) demonstrating commitment to Net Zero by 2050, Emirates Steel Arkan (ESA), one of the largest publicly traded steel and building materials manufacturers in the region, announced its strategic collaboration with MAGSORT, a Finnish decarbonization company, to drive an innovative initiative across its Al Ain Cement Factory. The partnership, announced during CEMTECH MEA 2024, positions ESA’s cement operations at the forefront of sustainability, aligning seamlessly with the Group’s decarbonization targets and setting the stage for a transformative approach to Green Cement production.

The collaboration between ESA and MAGSORT will initiate in Al Ain Cement plant the first large scale industrial pilot project, targeting a CO2 footprint reduction up to 15% by implementing the proprietary MAGSORT solutions to process steel slag, while reducing both limestone and fuel consumption.

Eng. Saeed Ghumran Al Remeithi, Group Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Steel Arkan, said, “Emirates Steel Arkan is an industry market leader in innovating and embracing green solutions that help decarbonize the sector’s value chain. This collaboration demonstrates that ESA is driving the industry efforts undertaken during COP28 and will position the Company as the leader of the cement industry in achieving the UAE LTS targets. The possibility to process steel slag produced by Emirates Steel, is also an extraordinary example of circular economy within UAE, where both business units (Steel and Building Materials) will develop solid economical synergies while contributing to sustainable practices.”


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