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SCADA process control and data routing system


SCADA system is a system that collects data from the accounts placed in the control system and sends it to the main computer for management, control and monitoring. It is an abbreviation (SCADA) Supervisory Control and data acquisition and changes the nature of operations according to each system.

Course target:

Raising the efficiency of workers in the control system with the latest SCADA systems and identifying the devices used in programming, control and monitoring operations.


  • Elements of the CSADA system.
  • A Brief History of SCADA.
  • SCADA remote control.
  • SCADA system communication protocols.
  • Modems.
  • Synchronization in the SCADA system.
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).
  • Analog control.
  • Serial control.
  • Analog signal monitoring.
  • Monitor the serial signal.
  • Main Terminal Units (MTUs).
  • Data storage.
  • Applications.
  • Automatic control.