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Arab Steel Summit

Sinai Manganese company is leading the steel industry for a new technological revolution for the first time in Egypt and the Arab world

Dr. Jamal Hendawy, CEO of the Sinai Manganese Company of the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, a company of the Ministry of Public Enterprise Sector, revealed that on the morning of Thursday, December 10, 2020, the operation of the Ferro Manganese Alloy Factory actually began, in order to produce silicon manganese alloys for the first time in Egypt and the Arab world.

And after the completion of the overhaul of the company’s factory in South Sinai, at a cost of about 100 million pounds, with the company’s own efforts.

Dr. Jamal Hindawi praised the support of the Holding Company for Chemical Industries and its board of directors headed by accountant Imad El Din Mustafa to complete this project and stand next to the National Company on the precious soil of Sinai, as it included modifying the activity of the alloy production furnace for the production of silico manganese alloy, as it is the most demanded in the market and which is used in the manufacture Steel, according to the statements of Dr. Jamal Hindawi, CEO of the company.

He added that one of the most important reasons that prompted the company to produce this type of alloy is that the local market absorbs the factory’s production after the development, as the factory’s production reaches 25,000 tons annually, while Egypt’s secondary consumption is about 120,000 tons, most of which are imported from abroad, in addition to the company. The company launched an international tender to establish a plant for separating iron from manganese to produce high manganese slag, in addition to producing pig iron, after the company completed the feasibility studies needed for this project to take advantage of low concentration manganese, so that the high manganese slag product enters the production of silico manganese plumber.

Dr. Jamal Hendawi added that the company is about to start implementing a glass sand washing project in South Sinai, to produce high-purity and quality glass sand, and it is expected that the project will be in a Saudi-Indian partnership, as the company that will supply the production equipment is an Indian company.

This project is considered one of the most important value-added projects for the Sinai Manganese Company, which will greatly help in making the most of the company’s raw materials and products, from glass sands, and this project is the second stage of the implementation of the value-added process according to the company’s planning as the company has other stages Second, to produce mono silicon and polysilicon, and these industries are considered among the highest technological industries in the world in this field, in addition to that negotiations are underway with one of the major companies specialized in mining industries to establish a factory for kaolin glaze.

It is expected that it will be implemented by the Alexandria Refractories Company or one of the other companies. Finally, it was revealed that the company plans to actually start establishing a logistical services area in the specialized port of the company, with investments amounting to $ 204 million, in partnership with other investment agencies that will be implemented in stages.


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