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Algerian Qatari Steel Company announces that the direct reduction unit enter the exploitation phase

The Algerian-Qatari Steel Company announced that the Direct Reduction Unit has entered the stage of exploitation and this is after the successful completion of the initial and final stages of experiments, in the presence of the President, General Manager of Imetal Complex, Mr. President, General Manager of the Sider Complex, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Algerian Qatari Steel Company, and the General Director of the company Algerian Qatari Steel.

The direct reduction unit is the beating heart of the compound with a production capacity of 2.5 million tons annually of both cold and hot reduced iron. This unit supports the rest of the factory units that have been received one by one since the ship entered the actual production stage in October 2017.

This highly developed American technology (MIDRX), which is the unique and largest of its kind in the world, allows the production of high-quality reduced iron with a purity of more than 94 percent. It also allows to reduce the production cost through energy saving and preserving the environment. The production capacity of this unit is estimated at 7500 tons. Per day, with an average operating rate of 8,000 hours per year.

The direct reduction unit is a very important addition to the various other ten industrial units located in the Ballara iron and steel complex, similar to the three rolling units, two electric furnaces units, lime production unit, industrial gas production unit, raw materials receiving unit, water treatment unit and electric power transmission station. .

As a reminder, the Bellara iron and steel complex is the fruit of the Algerian-Qatari partnership, which was concluded according to the rule (51/49), and with investment

More than 2 billion dollars, and it is of strategic and national importance because it aims to meet the market needs of concrete iron and iron wire coils and to export the surplus abroad, thus reducing the bill of steel imports.


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