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Egypt : Steel exports rose 30% in January, recording $ 64 million

Egypt’s exports of “iron and steel” increased by 30% during January 2021, to reach $64 million, from $49 million in the same month of 2020.

The Building Materials Export Council in Egypt stated, in its monthly report issued on Saturday, that steel was exported to 37 countries, including 7 countries in January 2021, which were not exported in January 2020, namely (Singapore, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, New Zealand, Algeria, Estonia, Sweden. ).

5 countries “Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Jordan” accounted for 81.7% of total steel exports in last January, with a value of $ 52.28 million, according to the report.

The share of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone of those exports reached 24% of the total Egyptian steel exports, ranking first in the list of the sector’s largest importers, with a value of $ 15.368 million, compared to $ 12.069 million, a growth of 27%.

Brazil ranked second, with a value of $ 13.93 million, compared to $ 245,000, to account for 21.8% of total exports.

The value of ” iron and steel” exports to Spain increased by 156% in January 2021 to record $13.401 million compared to $5.236 million to take third place in the list with 20.9%, followed by Italy in fourth place with a value of $5.339 million against $5.948 million . Down 10%.

“Jordan” ranked fifth with a value of $ 4.245 million, compared to $ 1.397 million, with a growth of 204%.

Egypt’s exports of iron to the Netherlands rose to about $ 607,000, compared to $ 417,000, with a growth of 46%.

On the other hand, Egypt’s iron exports to Kenya declined to $ 2.449 million compared to $ 6.305 million, down 61%, Yemen by 51% to $ 712,000 against $ 1.443 million, and to Sudan by 40% to $ 1.482 million against $ 2.459 million.


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