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Tisco cooperates with SMS group to expand its stainless steel products

The German SMS group announced that the Taigang Stainless Steel Company – Tisco has succeeded in producing the first plate of the new heavy plate production unit, which is the strongest hot rolling unit of its kind provided by the SMS group.

The new unit is designed with an annual production capacity of 700,000 tonnes and can produce slabs from 1,550 to 4,200 mm in thickness ranging from 5 mm to 120 mm.

Thanks to the new unit, Tisco can supply the market with a wide range of products. In particular, the plant capacity to process advanced grades, such as stainless steel, nickel-based alloys that meet the needs of the markets, such as infrastructure, chemicals, shipbuilding and wind turbine construction for the fossil fuels lack for energy production, which will play a significant role for Tisco.

“We have already gained great experience working with SMS group on other projects in the recent past,” said Mr Han Bingbao, Project Manager, Panel Unit Project Department of Tisco. “This experience was confirmed during our 4.3m heavy-duty panel unit project.”

We have jointly set a new technological standard for this series of plate rolling machines, thanks to the SMS group for the outstanding technological expertise.

It was also impressive to see how smoothly the international teams of SMS group and Tisco collaborated.

Michael Bohland, Project Manager at SMS group added, “We are proud to see how our international team has successfully overcome movement and travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic that made it difficult to conduct a construction site visit. Here, our digital conference and communications facilities have proven their value and will continue to support us toward our way to the end of the business.”




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