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Cooperation between SMS Group and El-Marakby Steel to evaluate Melt shop to improve production

In early 2023, Al Marakby Steel Company commissioned SMS Group to evaluate the company’s melt shop and by early November 2023, the evaluation was completed. The overall goal of the evaluation was to improve production and performance to reduce the plant’s need for additional processing, which facilitated a 10% increase in production.

As market demands evolved, SMS team inspected the plant on-site for a week, analyzing meltshop performance data as well as operation, production processes, coordination and raw material supply chains.

A comprehensive analysis of the data obtained revealed focus areas that could be improved to increase production capacity.

Accordingly, SMS Group developed a strategy tailored to the current state of the plant, in addition to the market situation, optimal use of raw materials, and various operational improvements.

In addition, El-Marakby Steel Company decided to invest in scrap preparation equipment as scrap density was already previously identified as an action point.

SMS group bundles core competencies from the areas of digitalization, electrics and automation, metallurgy, operations and technology as well as technical service and consulting.

Mr. Hassan El Marakby, owner and CEO of El Marakby, looks back with pleasure on the cooperation with SMS group: “The assessment of the melt shop carried out by SMS group stimulated the plant operator team on site far beyond the nominal production and trained the team with regard to optimized production processes. SMS group was a reliable partner both during the preparation, coordination and conduction of the assessment”.


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