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16th Arab Steel Summit: A visit to Ezz Steel Company in Ain Sokhna

On the third day of the 16th Arab Steel Summit activities, Ezz Steel Company organized a visit to Ezz Steel Company in Ain Al-Hajah, where they listened to a comprehensive explanation of the production process from the stage of reducing iron ore in direct reduction factories and converting it into high-purity iron, as well as the rolling, handling and monitoring processes. And the stages of rolling steel flats, and controlling all stages of the production process, starting from the raw materials, through casting and rolling, and ending with the final product.

The conference participants expressed their great admiration for the company’s capabilities and the extent of their commitment to security, safety, cleanliness, environmental preservation, and production quality.

They also looked at the snacks used by the company, as many participants stated that the Al-Ezz factories in Ain Sokhna are of no less standard than factories in Europe.

It is noteworthy that Ezz Steel owns four integrated factories located in strategic locations near the main sea and land roads and paths, in Alexandria, Suez, and the cities of Sadat and 10th of Ramadan, which has enabled it to penetrate global markets with a great deal of efficiency. Ezz Steel’s exports are directed from its factories in Alexandria to customers in Europe and the United States via the Mediterranean Sea, while exports are made to customers in the Middle East, extending to Asia through Ezz Steel’s factories in Ain Sokhna, due to its distinguished location in front of Sokhna Port. The total production capacity of the four Ezz Steel factories is 7 million tons annually, divided between 4.7 million tons of lengths and coils of rebar, and 2.3 million tons of hot-rolled flat steel.


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