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Arab Iron and Steel Union holds its 127th Board of Directors meeting in Cairo

On the sidelines of the 16th Arab Steel Summit Conference, the 127th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Arab Iron and Steel Union was held on October 29th. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Awad Al-Khalidi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, who began his speech by praising the organization and success of the 16th Arab Steel Summit Conference. He thanked the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Arab Republic of Egypt for sponsoring the conference.

The Secretary-General of the Union, Dr. Kamel Djoudi, also presented the estimated budget for the year 2024 and thanked and reviewed the Union’s activities during the year 2023, which witnessed multiple activities of the Union, including meetings, conferences, and committees, whether economic or technical, in addition to training. He also reviewed the services that the Union provides through the website, magazine, and reports. Issued by either the General Secretariat or the committees.

This was followed by a presentation by Mr. George Matta, Head of the Marketing Sector at Ezz Steel and Chairman of the Union’s Economic Committee, who reviewed the latest economic conditions in the Arab countries and steel consumption rates that were discussed at the seventh Economic Committee meeting in Cairo.

Dr. Othman Al-Malaki, Chairman of the Technical Committee, also reviewed the most important decisions approved by the first meeting of the Technical Committee by electing Dr. Othman Al-Malaki, Executive Director of the Technology Management Sector – SABIC Steel, as Chairman of the Committee and Engineer Mohamed Fouad Emam as Vice-Chairman, approving the committee’s internal law, and setting a time plan for the committee’s work during 2023/2024.

The Council adopted a set of decisions, the most important of which is the approval of the estimated budget for the year 2024, the return of the General Organization for Engineering Industries from the Syrian Arab Republic to membership in the Board of Directors, and the holding of the Board of Directors after the upcoming 129th Summit in the city of Doha – State of Qatar and the 17th Arab Steel Summit in the city of the State during the month. October 2024.


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