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CEO of Emirates Steel commends ADU success at world steel competition

The CEO of Emirates Steel Company praises the success of Abu Dhabi University in the International Steel Competition.

Engineer Saeed Ghumran Al Remeithi, CEO, Emirates Steel has praised the “outstanding performance” of Abu Dhabi University (ADU) during the recent 15th Steel Challenge championship organised by World Steel Association (worldsteel).

Two Mechanical Engineering students from ADU won the first and third place ‘amidst fierce competition’ with students from 27 countries in West-Asia region. The participants were challenged to create a special grade of steel through a virtual programme that simulates the manufacturing process.

Al Remeithi described the achievement as “extraordinarily impressive” as ADU is the first university to win this challenge in the Arab world since it started 15 years ago.

Besides, Emirates Steel’s employees participating in the professionals’ category have reached the top 10, and this reflects the solid experience of our experts and employees, said Al Remeithi.

Al-Rumaithi added, “Emirates Steel is proud of the wonderful work and effective cooperation with Abu Dhabi University in training and mentoring the participating students. » This aligns with our strategic goals and our efforts to invest in young minds, support Emirati talent, and cement our position as a change-maker that contributes to supporting our society and our industry as well. We also aim to attract young people to start their promising careers in the industrial sector, which is vital to support national industrialization plans and strategies to enhance the diversified economic development of the UAE.
According to Al Remeithi, Emirates Steel is keen on collaborating with the educational institutions in research and development, training programmes, technical consultations, and student internships, etc.

“This enhances the performance of the industrial sector and attracts young minds at an early stage so that they can dive into one of the core industries in the UAE where they can build their future career.” 


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