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SMS Group : Turnkey project successfully mastered

Cutting-edge large-diameter pipe mill for Al Gharbia Pipe Company com-pleted through cooperation between SMS group und Larsen & Toubro.

One of the world’s most modern mills for longitudinally welded large-diameter pipes has been installed between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

It operates with state-of-the-art digitaliza¬tion, tracking and automation systems for almost fully automated processes – for example the SHAPE Automation System for enhanced pipe quality and higher performance.

Abu Dhabi is characterized by the rapid devel¬opment of its economy, urbanization and mo¬bility. In the newly developed and continually growing Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD) located almost equidistant between Abu Dhabi and Dubai one of the most modern plants for lon¬gitudinally welded large-diameter pipes has been installed. The 56-inch large-diameter pipe mill of Al Gharbia Pipe Company has been constructed by a consortium composed of Larsen & Toubro Limited and SMS group as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construc¬tion) contractor.

SMS group was responsible for engineer-ing and supply of the process equipment for the large-diameter pipe mill in Abu Dhabi. This also includes state-of-the-art digitaliza-tion, tracking and automation systems for almost fully automated processes.

In addition to construction, project planning, scheduling and coordination, SMS group pro­vided all core machinery and process equip­ment – including workshops, laboratories and MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The production line encompasses among others a plate edge milling machine, a crimping press, a JCO® pipe forming press of the second genera­tion, a tack welding machine, inside and out­side welding machines, a mechanical expander and hydrostatic pipe tester.

Optimum machine parameters

With the JCO® pipe forming process, Al Gharbia will benefit from a multitude of advantages in future: the plant operator is able to change quickly to other pipe dimensions and thus system is available and proportional valve technology is dispensed with. This is reflected in reduced wear and very minimal hydraulic losses.

“Together with SMS group we have realized a successful turnkey project, always cooperating based on partnership and at eye level and developing really future-oriented solutions for large-diameter pipe mills.”

Saving of energy and water

In the planning of the new plant one of the main focal points was saving energy and water – the reasons for this are not only the desert climate of Abu Dhabi but also increasing re¬quirements as regards ecology and sustain-ability. To achieve this, electricity is among others fed back into the grid. Process water circulates in circuits and is possibly not dis¬posed but treated and discharged into the canal system.

SMS consortium partner Larsen & Toubro Limited was responsible for buildings, plant periphery and equipment assembly. From ex-tensive planning and preparation through predictive simulations to the successful oper¬ation, the teamwork resulted in a cutting-edge turnkey LSAW large-diameter pipe mill in Abu Dhabi. And always in close agreement with the customer.

Minimal personnel costs

Another plant highlight is the optimized weld¬ing process by means of the digital power source PERFECT arc®. Thanks to a “secondary clocked“ power source technology, electrical fluctuations of the power system do not affect the arc process. A fast and precise control of voltage and power ensures a very uniform en¬ergy input into the material – and consequent¬ly a constant, reproducible, metallurgical and geometrical quality of the weld seam. Con-nected to a uniquely programmable welding database, the welding control system of the power source already preselects the most well-known welding process parameters in or¬der to adapt the power source optimally to the welding process.

A high level of automation and digitaliza-tion ensures that the mill is operated with minimal personnel costs. The entire process know-how, optimal operation and flexible ad-aptations are already implemented in the plant by SMS group.

produce also efficiently smaller lot sizes with utmost precision. The SHAPE Automation Sys­tem developed by SMS group directly specifies the optimum machine parameters, while con­trolling the forming process fully automatically. The system minimizes the influence of yield strength distribution among the same grade plates on the forming process and thus en­sures high pipe quality.

The JCO® pipe forming press and the crimp­ing press are equipped with variable-speed pumps ensuring that an efficient hydraulic

The mill is designed for a production capacity of 240,000 tons per year. Pipes comply with stringent quality standards of API, ISO und DNV and are mainly designed for on- and off-shore line pipes including sour gas applica¬tions. Al Gharbia is now able to produce on the mill longitudinally welded large-diameter pipes at a length up to 13 meters, outside diameters from 18 to 56 inches and wall thicknesses of 44.5 millimeters.

Steels are processed up to X80 with yield strengths of 700 Newton per square millimeter. Thus, Al Gharbia predomi- nantly serves the energy sector aiming at mar¬kets in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

With this large project SMS group affirms that it is the right choice as Leading Partner in the World of Metals when it comes to green-field and turnkey projects.


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