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Imetal Algeria: A plan to supply the one million residential units’ project and supply car factories

Mr. Tarik Bouslama, CEO of IMETAL Group, has revealed an action plan preparation to all the subsidiaries, to give an impulse to the steel industry in Algeria, by supplying one million housing units, and new workshops included in the program of the Algerian president through El Hadjar and AQS.

Mr. Bouslama underlined the willingness of El Hadjar to supply the car assembly project in Algeria with automobile structures. He also stressed that El Hadjar manufactures flat steel, and it is the only one capable of meeting the needs of car factories, provided that coordination with factories obtain their credits to produce structures locally similar to the accreditation of the international factories.

Mr. Bouslama said that the Minister of Industry visit to El Hadjar two days ago was to consider the revival view of the Complex with a solid industrial base as this industrial organisation would contribute to supporting the Algerian economy. He also added that the Minister of Industry was convinced by the primary map and vision to develop the steel industry in the future, as the plan aims to serve the economic interest of the country.

The plan includes several points, including reviving the national industry and manufacturing materials locally, reducing the expenditures, stopping wastage, and focusing on the program of the project that shows profits in the shortest possible period in addition to exporting.

He added that the Algerian-Qatari Steel Company exported 20 thousand tonnes of steel to Mali and Niger, despite the difficult circumstance facing export activity in the world, due to the lack of ships in light of the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. Stressing that export is among the core concerns of IMETAL after covering the local market, where negotiations were opened to private companies and international embassies to export Algerian steel products.

Mr. Bouslama said “last year, approximately $ 65 million of steel was exported by El Hadjar. During 2018, $ 48 million of steel was exported. He expected to export a significant amount during 2020 despite the disruption of activity due to the Coronavirus in the last four months. Reducing at the same time, the impact of the virus, which confirmed that it is less effective in Algeria, on the returns of economic companies compared to major international companies”.


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