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Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production visits Sider El hadjar complex and confirms the recovery of 215 hectares that will be directed to investment projects.

The Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, confirmed this Monday in Annaba. A total of 215 hectares of industrial property were recovered in the vicinity of Sider El hadjar Iron and Steel Complex, which will be directed to launching investment projects that enhance national production capabilities of various materials and products.

The Minister made this statement during his inspection of the recovered industrial property within the framework of a working visit and inspection of Sider El hadjar complex in Annaba. “65 hectares of the same property are located within the area occupied by this complex.”

Aoun also highlighted that “priority in exploiting and valuing this important balance of recovered industrial real estate in the vicinity of Sider El hadjar complex will be given to structured investments related to iron and steel branches.” In this context, he touched on the importance of creating an integrated artificial fabric surrounding the complex.

The minister added that wealth-generating investment projects, whether public or private, “will be found in the reclaimed industrial property in the vicinity of Sider El hadjar complex, which meets the conditions for preparation and connection to networks. He called for these projects to be implemented as soon as possible.” He highlighted “the necessity of exploiting this industrial property to create dynamism with positive economic and social dimensions in the region.”

On the other hand, the Minister highlighted that concerted efforts at the national level to recover unexploited industrial real estate have so far enabled the recovery of 6,000 hectares of industrial real estate that will be directed to investment and the development of productive and valuable activities in accordance with the new investment law.

During his visit to Sider El hadjar complex. Aoun reviewed the working conditions of blast furnace No. 2, which resumed activity last December after a hiatus that lasted more than three months due to fluctuations in the supply of coal. He stressed the necessity of controlling the supply operations with this material to avoid frequent stoppages of this furnace. He also warned that “any cessation of blast furnace activity in the future will be unacceptable.”

At the same location, the Minister listened to three presentations on “the current production capabilities of Sider El hadjar complex and the prospects for developing them” and “the strategy that has been set to develop and diversify production at the same complex in the near term.” In addition to the “Technological and Energy Transition Project for the Complex in the Horizons of 2030.”

Production expectations for Sider El hadjar complex for the current year were set at 600,000 tons of iron and steel products that combine long and flat iron materials, rolled materials, rebar, seamless pipes, and others.

Sider El hadjar complex employs a total of 5,605 workers. During the past year, $22 million worth of iron and steel products were exported.


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