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Algerian steel industry is witnessing a diversification of products in H2 of 2024

The Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, confirmed that iron and steel products in Algeria will witness greater diversification starting from the second half of this year 2024, thanks to the expansion projects planned at the level of the Tosyali Company and the Algerian Qatari Steel Company.

In a public session dedicated to oral questions chaired by Ali Talebi, Vice President of the Council, in the presence of the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azwar, and a number of government members, Mr. Aoun explained that “the Tosyali Company in Oran will begin in the second half of 2024 the production of flat steel intended for the packaging and automotive industries.” And the home electrical industries, and it is expected to cover 80% of the needs of the national market of this type. The Algerian Qatari Steel Company in Jijel will also produce this type of steel in the first half of 2025.”

A feasibility study is currently being prepared for the expansion of the Algerian Qatari Steel Company in order to raise its production capacity to reach 4 million tons annually, through diversification of products, especially flat steel.

The Algerian Qatari Steel Company, the result of an Algerian-Qatari partnership, is considered one of the largest industrial complexes in Algeria and Africa in the production of rebar, coils of iron wire, and iron molds.

The company has entered the exploitation phase with a production capacity estimated at 2.5 million tons annually, as a first stage, and has 1,380 direct jobs and 5,000 indirect jobs.

According to the minister, this company recorded good performance, as production in 2023 reached more than 1.6 million tons, with the value of exports exceeding 400 million dollars.


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