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Arab Steel Summit

The Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production visits the Algerian Qatari Steel

The Minister of Industry, Mr. Ali Aoun, made a working visit to the Belara Iron and Steel Company (Algerian Qatari Steel ), accompanied by the Governor of Jijel State, the President of the State People’s Assembly, and the President and General Manager of the CEDAR Complex.

First, after His Excellency the Minister of Industry listened to the speech delivered by the Director General of the Algerian Qatari Steel Company, Eng. Youssef Ahmed Al-Mohannadi, and the Deputy Director General of the company, Mr. Sufyan Chaib Siti, the Minister praised the Algerian Qatari Steel Company, stressing his full support for this strategic project, especially since it He enjoys a prestigious position and constant attention from the highest authorities in the country.

The Minister called for accelerating the completion of the second phase of the project to enhance and develop the production capabilities of the complex while working to continue covering the national market with steel products while ensuring price, quality and quality.

The Minister also expressed his happiness, praising the remarkable and rapid development witnessed by Algerian-Qatar Steel, describing the Belara Iron and Steel Complex as a huge industrial complex and a living and honorable example of the fraternal relationship that distinguishes Algeria and Qatar.

For his part, the General Manager confirmed in his speech that the Algerian Qatari Steel Company is progressing at a steady and rapid pace to achieve leadership in the local and global markets with its high-quality products, relying on three main axes to achieve its goals: modern technologies, competitiveness and openness to the world. The General Manager concluded his speech by presenting Introduction about the company and its business.

Meanwhile, Mr. Deputy Director General made a presentation on the study on expanding the complex to enter the second phase of the project, which is under implementation and in the process of completing the feasibility study, thanks to which the production capacity of the complex will reach 4 million tons annually of steel products.


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