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Algerian government is studying a preliminary draft of a law regulating the activities of the mining sector

The government studied during its weekly meeting today, Wednesday, headed by Prime Minister Ayman Ben Abderrahman, a preliminary draft law regulating mining activities presented by the Minister of Energy and Mines. According to a statement of interests of the Prime Minister.

The same source adds this draft text aims to revive the mining sector and provide favourable conditions for its development by creating a reassuring environment for mining investment and adopting stimulating legislative measures.

According to the statement, it also aims to devise a more transparent, stable and sustainable mining policy that would allow simplified access to mining investment to encourage national or foreign investors to contribute effectively to the mining activities development.

In this regard, the draft law enshrines the internationally approved conditions for promoting investment in the mining sector and encouraging the completion of mining activities, says the statement.

This includes a simplified, transparent framework based mainly on the inclusion of appropriate guarantees for the benefit of national and foreign investors, removing all bureaucratic obstacles and reducing the deadlines for studying mining bond applications.

In addition, this draft text attaches particular importance to the mining products valorisation at the local level by favouring the creation of significant benefits through the transformational unit establishment and giving priority to the employment of local labour as well as the transfer of technology, according to the same source.


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