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Algerian Qatari Steel obtains a certificate of conformity for the reinforcing steel products of the State of Poland

The Algerian Qatari Steel Company was able to obtain a certificate of conformity of quality for reinforcing steel from the State of Poland after completing all audit procedures on the company’s production operations, and confirming the quality tests that our products were subjected to, which were in conformity with the marketing specifications in force in Poland, and thus the Algerian Qatari Steel Company proves its position International and the quality of its products at all levels.

The Algerian Qatari Steel Company obtaining this certificate, which was presented by the Polish National Center for Testing and Accreditation “ZETOM”, will enable it to market reinforcing steel of various sizes through the Polish markets, which is the first market for “AQS” in Eastern Europe and the first important step for the Algerian-Qatari company. Steel has access to these markets, which is what the company team is keen on, by working on the various quality certificates required in this region to market our products.

The “ZETOM” center certificate represents an important step towards strengthening the position of the company’s products, by entering new global markets with a competitive ability that makes it a source of trust for the company’s partners in various markets, whether regional or international, in line with the strategic plan of the Algerian state by promoting exports in various sectors. Outside hydrocarbons, mainly the iron and steel sector.

The certificate of quality conformity for marketing our products in Poland is a new achievement that reflects the superiority and technical competence of the Algerian-Qatari steel company in the production of reinforcing steel. This certificate also reflects on a large scale the company’s commitment to providing the best products and services according to the highest international standards.


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