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Emirates Steel Arkan showcases its solutions to reduce carbon at (COP28)

Emirates Steel Arkan Group announced its broad participation in the work of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28). In line with the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve climate neutrality, by 2050. Its goals are to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and limit global warming. As a national company operating in the iron and building materials sector, it confirms, through its participation in the conference, its commitment to supporting the world in the process of removing carbon from sectors where this is difficult, as well as cooperating with all participating stakeholders, to achieve a tangible reduction in carbon emissions in these sectors. In a way that reflects the vision of the UAE and the presidency of the conference.

By prioritizing sustainability as a path to achieving economic prosperity. The company will highlight its vision supporting growth and climate action for the steel and building materials sector as the pivotal foundation for achieving sustainable prosperity and enhancing cooperation between countries.

The group also showcases its low-carbon solutions along the value chain, from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. As an early adopter of clean technologies, the group is raising ambition to reduce carbon emissions, integrate renewable energy, increase energy efficiency, protect the environment, and sustain supply chains.

Saeed Al Rumaithi, CEO of the company, said: “During the conference, the company highlights its endeavors to reduce the climate and environmental impacts of the iron and building materials sector, through the five basic pillars of carbon emissions, energy consumption, resource depletion, industrial waste, and the sustainability of supply chains. The group is on the right track towards reducing carbon emissions by 40%, by 2030, and reaching net zero emissions, by 2050, after achieving a 35% reduction in emissions intensity, compared to the base year of 2019.

Al Rumaithi added: “The company will also emphasize the importance of cooperation to achieve its ambitious decarbonization goals. The group recently announced a partnership with Masdar Company to produce “green iron”. It is a distinguished product that European manufacturers seek to achieve their goals of achieving net zero emissions.


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