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Sider El-Hadjar : Production units begin their activities after restarting the blast furnace

The production units of Sider El-Hadjar complex in Annaba have begun their activities. This is after the process of restarting the blast furnace, according to what was reported today, Wednesday, in a statement by the “Imetal Group”.

Imetal Group explained in its statement that “actual production has begun” for Sider El-Hadjar complex, which is affiliated with the Sider Complex, a branch of the Imetal Group. This is after restarting the blast furnace on December 19, 2023.

Accordingly, “the production units began activity on January 1, 2024. Starting with sending the cast iron from the blast furnace and arriving at furnaces No. 1 and No. 2. The electric furnace also awaited the arrival of the semi-finished rolled products,” the statement adds.

For reference, the process of restarting the blast furnace of Sider El-Hadjar complex was launched after a three-month hiatus. This is after addressing the problem of supplying this compound with coal, which is necessary to operate the blast furnace.

The President and General Director of the complex, Karim Boulayoun, had confirmed the establishment of a program with production targets exceeding 600 thousand tons of marketable steel materials in the current year 2024, after production in 2023 reached about 300 thousand tons of iron and steel products.

Sider El-Hadjar boat employs more than 5,500 workers. It produces flat and long steel materials, seamless pipes, rebar and other iron and steel products.


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