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Qatar Steel holds its 35th Quality Control Forum


Qatar Steel holds its 35th Quality Control Forum



Qatar Steel Company, the first integrated steel plant in Arabian Gulf, held in Doha recently its 35th Quality Control Forum, which saw eight awards being presented to different departments. 


The MD and CEO awards were in honour of the departments’ commitment to operational excellence and adherence to organisation values.


The QC Forum is a significant event on the company’s calendar, and was attended by its MD and CEO and other department heads and managers.


The QC Circle activities are aimed at encouraging employees to create new ideas in order to improve working conditions, safety, and individual development for the growth of the organization.


Elaborating on the significance of QC Circle in Qatar Steel, MD & CEO Eng.


Mohammed Nasser al Hajri said, “Qatar Steel constantly endeavours to move beyond the traditional ‘total quality management’ to explore how we can create a culture in which employees ‘live’ quality in all their actions – where they are passionate about quality as a personal value, and not just simply obeying an instruction from top. 


“We define a true culture of quality as an environment in which employees not only follow quality guidelines but also consistently see others taking quality-focused actions, hear others talking about quality, and feel quality all around them.”


Qatar Steel has achieved numerous milestones since its inception in 1974, and throughout its long journey, it has always aspired to achieve much higher levels of progress and development than targeted. 


Qatar Steel has been accredited with an exclusive recognition by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Institution, Turkey), for Chemical and Mechanical testing of carbon steel used for reinforcement of concrete in Qatar and worldwide recently.


In addition, Qatar Steel is the first steel company to achieve a performance rating of “very good” for the prestigious BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Certification from CARES UK after the successful reassessment audit conducted along with CARES SCS Scheme Surveillance Audit.


For the last so many years, Qatar Steel has been conducting the Quality Control Circles aimed at excelling in operations and manufacturing techniques. 


This activity was originally associated with the Japanese Kaizen management and techniques, which has been accepted all over the world as a very effective tool to improve the quality of work environment. 


“Quality in action” guidelines facilitate the employees to understand the company’s expectations. 


Talking on the necessity of QC Circle meeting, Majid Mohammed al Marr, Quality Assurance Manager said, “We studied eight technical presentations and concluded that factors that drive quality as a cultural value are: leadership, message credibility, peer involvement, and most importantly employee ownership of quality issues. It has encouraged our employees to reduce cost in various areas of operations leading to produce defect-free goods. Consistent with objectives, we conduct group brainstorming sessions to determine the root causes of bottlenecks and identify corrective actions to act upon.”



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