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Micor aims to increase production and export of “Nasr Pipes”

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MICOR aims to increase production and export of “Nasr Pipes”

Khalid Al-Faki, a member of the board of directors of the Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries said that Al-Nasr Pipe Company is working well, but the holding company aims to develop it to raise its financial and production performance.


Al-Feki added that the company’s development plan is divided into two phases. The first is the increase in production through the addition of new production equipment, which will be heavily utilized by the local market.


The chairman of the Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries, Dr. Medhat Nafie, said in a statement published on his Facebook page that Al-Nasr Pipe Company has 3 production lines, all of which operate regularly.


Nafie stressed that the holding company continues to support Al-Nasr Pipes Company to produce its maximum capacity as a first stage, while ensuring the supply of raw materials from local sources and through importation facilities and long-term contracts.


He said that in the next phase the company’s space and its potential will be exploited to create expansions to double the production capacity, because this is the only guarantee of cost reduction where competition is fierce in this field.


Nafie pointed out that Al-Nasr Pipes Company has an unmatched production line in Egypt that produces pipes up to 64 inches in diameter (modified by the company’s men) and is certified by API 5L.


According to data from the Public Sector Information Center, Al Nasr Pipes lost losses to 28.725 million pounds compared to 32.607 million pounds during the previous year.


The company works in the manufacture of steel pipes, fittings, derivatives and castings.