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Mr. BOUSLAMA Tarik is the new Chairman of IMETAL Group

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Mr. BOUSLAMA Tarik is the new Chairman of IMETAL Group



The Minister of Industry and Mines of the Republic of Algeria, , Mr. Youcef Yousfi, appointed Mr. Mr. BOUSLAMA Tarik, Chairman and Managing Director of IMETAL Group, as the successor to Mr. MAOUCHE Abdelhakim, and Mr. BOUSLAMA Tarik, Deputy Managing Director of the same company.



. He holds several degrees:

– Diploma in Audit and Management Control at National School of Administration (ENA)of Algiers (1991)

– Diploma in Operational Management – Business Management in Egypt (2007)

– Diploma in Management on Skills Development in France (2013)




He held several important positions during his career including:

– He was named President of the Jury of the Algerian Quality Award in 2010 after receiving the same prize in 2007. He also won the Golden Award for Business Excellence.

– He became a member of the Management Board – General Manager of the Ex SGP TRANSOLB between 2012 and 2015.

-After the creation of the IMETAL Group, he became Managing Director in 2015 and then Deputy Managing Director.




 Arab Iron and Steel Union wishes Mr. Tariq BOUSLAMA all success and success in his new duties.