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Emirates Steel Arkan hosts a conference on the sustainability of the steel industry

Emirates Steel Arkan Group is hosting the 26th session of the Middle East Iron and Steel Conference, which will be held on November 20-22 in Dubai. During this event, the group will showcase its efforts in sustainable manufacturing, which supports the UAE’s climate neutrality strategy.

This event brings together many senior decision makers to discuss the various challenges facing the sector and ensure the continuity and flexibility of its business, in addition to exploring relevant innovative solutions.

Engineer Saeed Al Ghaferi, CEO of Emirates Steel, one of the companies affiliated with the Emirates Steel Arkan Group, participated in a discussion session entitled “A New Era for the Steel Industry” that included various aspects of the sector in the region, including the latest projects, regional demand drivers, and challenges. And the opportunities associated with the transformation of the energy sector, and the impact of the global geopolitical environment on the industry.

Al-Ghafri stressed that despite the slowdown in demand for iron in recent years, which is expected to decrease by 9% in 2023, due to several factors including high interest rates and a decrease in demand for housing services, expectations for the next five years predict a recovery supported by strong economic development. Population growth and mega projects across the region.

Al-Ghafri stressed the impact of the global geopolitical scene on the iron business, and how governments and policy makers implement various decisions to protect local industries and ensure their sustainability, stressing that no modern industrial economy can establish its presence and flourish, without the presence of a strong, flexible and prosperous industry for this sector.


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