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Cooperation between Mauritania and Algeria in the field of energy and mining

The Mauritanian Minister of Petroleum, Minerals and Energy, Abdelsalam Ould Mohamed Saleh, said that the opportunities for cooperation in the energy and mines field in Algeria and Mauritania would experience a strong impetus.

In his speech during the working session that brought him together with the Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, and some officials in the energy and mining sectors from the two countries in the capital Nouakchott. Ould Mohamed Saleh said, “The opportunities and possibilities available in both countries for cooperation in the energy and minerals fields, as they are strategic sectors, there is no doubt that it would give a strong boost, thanks to the will of the leaders of our two countries.

In this context, he stated that the bilateral summit between Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El-Ghazouani and his Algerian counterpart, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, represented«the utmost importance for developing and activating the bonds of relations between our two countries, which share the depth of history and ties of geography and are in harmony in many regional and international approaches.”

He added that thanks to that visit, bilateral relations were strengthened, and many joint projects were launched, such as the strategic road linking the Algerian city Tindouf and the Mauritanian city Zouerate, with the possibility of electrical connection along this road.

He considered Arkab’s visit to Mauritania constitutes “a new building block in this construction of brotherly relations where the joint technical teams will work to raise the cooperation level in the energy and mines fields. And we will review together opportunities to embody this by signing memoranda of understanding and establishing technical teams.” The specialized agency will ensure the follow-up of joint work and its realization on the ground.

In this context, he expected bilateral relations would witness a qualitative leap that would enable investment opportunities enhancement and partnership projects in priority sector establishment.

Ould Mohamed Saleh stressed the common willingness, in light of the current situation in the global energy markets, to “enhance fruitful cooperation in oil, gas and minerals field through technical support, study and valorization of joint investment opportunities to achieve common goals as a way to secure our energy supplies”.

He pointed out that Mauritania has recently made significant gas discoveries estimated at 100 trillion cubic feet. The Mauritanian Ministry of Petroleum, Minerals and Energy continues its policy to accelerate the pace of exploration and production to value all possible opportunities to exploit these resources and maximize their benefit to the country’s economy.




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