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Appointment of Boulaioune Karim as President General Manager of ٍSider El Hadgar Complex

Today, November 9, 2023, the inauguration ceremony of Mr. Boulaioune Karim as President General Manager of Sider El Hadgar Complex was held by Mr. Baburi Djamal, President and General Manager of Imetal Group, and Mr. Sedrati Lamin, President and General Manager of Sider Group, in the presence of some of the General Managers of Imetal branches and unit managers in the complex, as well as the social partner of the organization.

Mr. Baburi Djamal and Mr. Sedrati Lamin pointed out the situation in which the institution is experiencing and the challenges that await everyone. They also thanked the former President and Director General, Mr. Mani Lotfi Kamel, and his staff for the efforts made previously, wishing success to Mr. Boulayoun Karim in his new duties and his acceptance of this responsibility despite its difficulty. We ask everyone to help us return the boat to continuous production while awaiting the implementation of the investment project.
In conclusion, I thank Mr. Belili Masoud for the efforts he made during his supervision of the organization’s management last month.

While the Chairman of the Participation Committee, Mr. Kechichi Daoud, and Mr. Bourabia Nasser, representing the Secretary General of the Corporation’s Syndicate, pointed out the importance of social stability and the intensification of everyone’s efforts for a better future for the boat and the workers.

As for the President and Director General, Mr. Boulaioune Karim, he expressed, through his intervention, that he will work with everyone and is open to all suggestions and constructive criticism to correct the situation, stressing that getting out of the crisis that our institution is experiencing will only be possible through the combined efforts of everyone.
It is noteworthy that Mr. Boulaioune Karim held several positions throughout his career, the most recent of which was Chairman and General Manager of the National Corporation for Metal and Copper Structures (ENCC), affiliated with the Imetal group.


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